Why join the TMF?

Be part of it!

Karine Polwart, Keynote speaker at Trad Talk 2012 by Hands Up For Trad

The Traditional Music Forum has three main aims:

To be

  • vocal
  • visible
  • and valuable

We work closely with Creative Scotland as a key resource for information and advice on Scottish traditional music of every kind. We aim to represent as wide a range of traditional music organisations in Scotland as possible and to lobby for things that matter to our members. We want to exchange information, make new contacts, provide mutual support, enhance learning, and advocate Scottish traditional music to government, local authorities and other public institutions.

The more organisations that join us, the louder and stronger our voice. So why should you join?


Promotion – the TMF has an active communications policy which means we are constantly informing members, official bodies, and the public of our members’ activities and events through social media, newsletters, the blog and news page on our website, the general media, and any other method necessary.

Find out what’s going on – the TMF aims to provide a hub for information about what’s going on in the traditional music sector and beyond, keeping our finger on the pulse of Scottish music and cultural policy.

Be represented – the TMF is recognised as an important voice for traditional music.

Make some noise – increase your profile in the sector and make sure people know who you are. By participating through the blog and contributing organisation profiles to our newsletter, you can enhance your visibility and make sure your voice is valued.

Make alliances – come to our networking events and build exciting collaborations with other people working in your field.

Talk to each other – we provide a central platform for the like-minded music groups in Scotland to communicate with each other. Why not arrange a folk club exchange? Or share ideas about the most effective ways to promote your gigs? Or pool resources?



Delegates at Trad Talk 2012, by Hands Up For Trad

Membership is open to organisations working in the field of traditional music in Scotland and costs £20 per year (running July-July).

When you join you’ll be added to our mailing list so you can get our Newsletter, and receive a log-in so you can access the members’ area of the site.

Please fill in the online Membership Form (opens a new window). You will then receive an invoice (in the post) together with payment instructions

As a Member you can advertise your events for people to view on the calendar via the website, and access the library – a source of TMF documents, reports and relevant publications in our field. We’ll promote you in our newsletter, and you can contribute to the blog.

We’ll also connect with you on Twitter and Facebook to make sure we can start to promote you. Don’t forget to keep us abreast of what you’re up to, though!